Busworld Europe Fair Canceled

Busworld Europe Fair Canceled

9-14 October 2021 Busworld Europe Brussels Fair Canceled!

Busworld Europe Brussels, known as Europe’s largest bus fair, will unfortunately not be able to open in 2021. While the fair was expected to take place on October 9-14, 2021, it had to be canceled due to Covid-19 measures. Busworld Europe 2021 gave its place to the fair to be held in 2023. This brought to mind whether many other events expected to take place within the fair will be canceled or not.

Busworld Europe Brussels Reason for Cancellation

While Busworld Europe Brussels will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2021, it was among the canceled events. Busworld, one of the most important fairs held in the European continent, stands out as a well-attended event with travel vehicles. The Busworld exhibition list also includes the world’s most important bus and transportation companies.

Busworld Europe Brussels is one of the events that had to be canceled due to the Covid-19 epidemic felt all over the world in 2020. Covid-19 caused devastating worldwide disruption, causing many events to be postponed or canceled.

The fact that vaccination will be imposed on travels to European countries is one of the reasons for the cancellation of the fair. Unfortunately, vaccination processes are not progressing rapidly in many countries around the world. This is seen as a situation that does not comply with European travel rules.

New Date for Busworld Europe Brussels

The closest date presented for the Busworld Europe exhibition is 7 – 12 October 2023. The bus fair, which is closely followed by the world, was deemed to be postponed to 2023, which upset many participants. Busworld, which is one of the situations affected by the pandemic period, seems to continue to host its topics in October 2023.

There Is No Cancellation For Us!

After the cancellation of the Busworld Europe Brussels fair, there were some questions confusing the exhibitors. Accordingly, our customers who prefer us will continue to receive service from us on fair dates. Although it is an event that has been delayed and canceled due to undesirable circumstances, our company will provide the necessary support to its customers.

Our company, which is located in Turkey, will continue to offer production and labor services at affordable prices by making stand production here. You can also benefit from this service offered at very affordable prices from the stand services in Brussels. You can always rely on our company for both quality and affordable stand services.

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