There are two different Tourism Exhibitions in Turkey. The first and largest one is organized in Istanbul under the name of EMITT ISTANBUL at Tuyap Expo CenterIstanbul, Turkey.

And the second one is organized in Antalya with the name of Antalya Tourism Fair. The both events are the main supportive organizations for Turkish tourism sector.


EMITT Istanbul is one of the largest tourism exhibitions in the World among the first top-5 events. Every year there are more than 40.000 professionals coming up and meeting during the exhibition.

Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition – EMITT – is the biggest one in the region and it has been growing up every passing year despite the covid pandemic situation in the world.

There were 842 exhibitors from 103 countries and 44.300 visitors and more than 200 tour operators from 160 countries at the previous event.


Who are attending to both exhibitions?

Country Pavilions, Holiday Places, Summer & Winter Tourism and Outdoor Tourism Destinations, Hotels, Tourism Centers, Tour Operators and Agencies are taking part at the both exhibitionsEMITT and ANTALYA TOURISM FAIR with more than 60.000 m2 stand spaces.


EMITT ISTANBUL 2022 will organized during 09-12 February 2022 at Tuyap Expo CenterIstanbulAntalya Tourism Fair will be carried out during 27-28 October 2022 at Antalya Anfas Exhibition and Congress Center.



Why Sector Professionals Must take part at EMITT and ANTALYA TOURISM FAIR?

Tourism Sector members will meet with each others and will be able to find new business partners and also increase the current business levels. They will discuss and receive new proposals so then they can compare the prices. They will be aware of new tourism destinations, products and services related with the tourism sector. For sure all the attendees will have more advantages by meeting with each others by collecting the essential catalogues, materials and contracts.


Visitor Profile

Hotel managements, Tourism Operators, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Tourism Suppliers, Official institutions and Foundations, Diplomatic Representatives, Activity Organizers,  Academic institutions and Foundations and many other Tourism Activities in the world.


Product and Service Groups

  1. Luxury Hotels
  2. Resort Hotels
  3. Culture and Religious Tourism
  4. Tour Operators
  5. Private Hotels
  6. Private Health Centers and Clinics
  7. Rent A Car companies
  8. Airlines
  9. E-Ticket and Reservation Systems
  10. Museum Technologies
  11. Reservation Software and Communication Systems
  12. Catering
  13. Decoration Services
  14. Shopping Centers
  15. Restaurants, Café and Bars
  16. Water and Theme Parks
  17. Embassies and Consulates
  18. Tourism Ministries
  19. International Advertising Offices and Organizations
  20. Governor Offices and Municipalities
  21. Development Agencies and Unions
  22. Hotel Finance Systems
  23. Insurance Services
  24. Restaurant Equipments
  25. Hotel Furniture Supplies


Stand Construction Services for Exhibitors

There are architecture companies who are giving Stand Design & Construction Services to the exhibitors to build up their private stands at the exhibition of EMITT and Antalya Tourism FairsExpo Turco Stand Builder company is one of the official contractors at these events locally giving services among the first five companies in Turkey.

Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is the center of many civilizations. That is why there are too many historical sites to visit alongside with thousands of seaside resorts throughout the country. Turkey is also famous destination for SpaHealth Care and Cultural ancient places.


According to the government researches, there were 51 million tourists came to Turkey in 2019. It was 41 million in 2015 and 30 million tourists in 2016. But within the last decade Turkey has been increasing its tourist numbers every passing year with highest satisfaction of touristic services.


Tourism Center in Turkey is ISTANBUL

Istanbul is really the most well-known and visited place in Turkey, but maybe in the world as well. There are thousands of hotels beside tourist oriented industry in Turkey. There were two powerful Empires on power in Istanbul in the human history. The first one was Byzantine and the second Ottoman Empire that conquered ISTANBUL from the hands of Byzantine Empire. So then Fatih Sultan Mohammed Han opened a new era which is called as NEW ERA in human history.

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