EV Charging Tech Exhibition 2022 – Turkey

EV Charging Technology Exhibition in TURKEY

There is a new event in Turkey which is called as EV Charging Technology Exhibition for the first time. Actually, this is a very new exhibition in the world as well. Because there is only one similar show in China in that field as it is organized in Turkey.

The event will be varied out by VOLI FUAR HIZMETLERI A.Ş. company during 26-28 October 2022 at Hall-11, Istanbul Expo Center, Istanbul, Turkey.

The exhibition senior manager is Mr. Ahmet Aslanturk as the founder and Managing Director in Turkey.

The exact name of the event :

EV Charge Show – Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and Equipment Show

Visiting Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (from Wednesday to Friday evening)


Entrance Ticket Fee:

EV Charge Show is NOT open to public, the doors are open only for business visitors. When the visitors fill out the Online E-Ticket form in internet, they are fully allowed to visit the show during the event as free of charge.


Then New Exhibition in Turkey “EV Charge Show”

Electrical Vehicles Charging Technologies and Equipments is including the Trade Show and Conferences alongside with the event about EV Charging Station Technologies, Energy Storage and Battery Management Systems for Charging Facilities.

EV Charge Exhibition shall combine together the manufacturers, engineers, service providers, solution partners and investors of Charging of EVs business.

We certainly advice all exhibitors and visitors to join to witness the latest inspiring EV Charging technology and make valuable contacts for the new business opportunities in this sector in the world.


Exhibitors Products Categories

  • Charging Hardware
  • Charging piles
  • Charging guns
  • Chargers, fast chargers
  • Wall boxes
  • Connectors, cables
  • Terminals
  • Cases
  • Cabinets
  • PCB boards, modules, displays
  • Electronic components and its accessories, materials, components, parts, equipment, …
  • Charging Software
  • Software and Applications for charging management
  • Payment systems
  • Charging point operators
  • EV manufacturers
  • Fleet managers
  • Energy providers
  • Utility companies
  • EV users
  • All related applications


Smart and Fast Charging Solutions

  • Batteries and Battery Management Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems & Smart Grid Solutions
  • Charging Facility Design
  • Construction and Operation Services
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Testing
  • Measurement
  • Certification
  • Business
  • Consulting Services
  • Institutions
  • Associations
  • Media


Visitors Profile

  • Public Transport Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Public Institutions
  • Smart City Planners
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Campus Managers
  • Hospital Managers
  • Accommodation Facility Managers
  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Energy Generation and Distribution Companies
  • OEM Manufacturers
  • Engineers, Technical Managers
  • Academicians
  • R&D Institutions
  • All Relevant Public and Private Sector Representatives
  • Charging Point Entrepreneurs
  • Fleet Managers
  • Gas Station Operators
  • Shopping Mall Managers
  • Facility Operators


Conferences at EV CHARGING Exhibition

There are some conferences during the EV CHARGING Exhibition at the same time of event in the conference rooms. It is free to take part at the conferences if you register online form before arriving at the conference room.


The below subjects are the title of conferences at the audience rooms.

  1. Turkey’s Electrification Policy and National Vision
  2. E-Mobility Trends and Technologies
  3. Charging Ecosystem Needs and Business Opportunities in Turkey
  4. Integration of Electric Vehicle Charging Units to Electric Networks
  5. Roaming Platform for Electric Vehicle Charging
  6. Sponsor’s Smart Mobility and Charging Roadmap
  7. Business Models to Make The E-Mobility Transition More Successful: Smart Charging, High
  8. Power Chargers, V2X, Renewable Energy Integration
  9. Required Legislation and Policy for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Turkey
  10. Ways to Overcome Legal and Operational Barriers to Be Encountered in the Process of Establishing Charging Infrastructure in Turkey
  11. Electric Vehicle, Battery and Charger Market Overview
  12. Opportunities and Challenges of Lithium-Ion Battery Production for E-Mobility in Turkey
  13. Sponsor’s Electrification Concept
  14. Who Should Create Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  15. Duties for Parties / Stakeholders in Planning and Construction of Fast Charging Infrastructure (Government, Municipalities, Energy Distribution Companies, OEM Companies, Fleet Managers, Gas Station Owners, Contractors)
  16. Subsidies, Grants and Incentives Provided to Reduce Charging Station Point Installation Costs
  17. What’s New in V2G and V2X Technologies
  18. E-Mobility Start-Up Awards


For Exhibitors

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