Exhibition Stand Contractor

Our company, which is an exhibition stand contractor, provides services for fairs and various events in different parts of the world. The company was established in Turkey and after a short time, it created a service area in different parts of the world. Our company is also one of the advanced companies known as exhibition stand contractor.

Exhibition stand contractor is also known for providing superior quality services in stand design and installation. This is also proof that the company has accomplished important works both in Asia and Europe.

Exhibition Stand Contractor Services

Exhibition stand contractor company offers the highest quality stand design and installation services during the fair periods. The company, which is an expert in exhibition stand design, produces stands in the most appropriate way to the content of the fair or events. The stand design services of the company may also differ according to the sectors.

Exhibition stand designer firm provides active service during the fair period, from the transportation of the stands to their installation. The company, also known as exhibition stand builders, completes the installations before the event so that the exhibitors do not have any problems with the stand setup.

Exhibition stand contractor company, besides the stand design and installation, also provides services in many areas needed during the fair period. Within the scope of the event, the host or hostess services that the participants will need are also provided by the company. At the same time, the rental of various digital tools needed at events is also among the services of the company.

Exhibition stand company also provides services in areas such as catering, digital printing, and stand cleaning services. The company also has some additional services for the participants to move freely during the fair period.

Exhibition Stand Contractor Service Areas

The services provided by the exhibition stand contractor company can be reached from more than one point of the world. Established in Turkey, Expoturco company has started to serve in large countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Russia over time. In addition to these countries, the company also has services for countries such as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, India, Morocco, Israel, and Qatar. The service area of ​​the company has expanded day by day and has managed to spread to many parts of the world.

The company also has direct stand production areas in some countries. In this way, stand services for events held in those countries have become easier to obtain. This makes things easy in terms of both stand transport and stands set up.

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