Greece is a country which is consisting of islands and mountains located just in the west part of Turkey and in the south of European countries. The most famous islands are Crete, Euboea, Lesbos and Rhodes. The most famous mountain is Pindus Mountains which is located on the north part of the country. The highest mountain is Olympus which is 2.917m high.

Here are the names of events with the dates which will be carried out in AthensGreece during the next season ;

Date                  Exhibition name

25.02.2022        Athens International Jewelry Fair 2022 in Athens
11.03.2022        Berta Trunk Show Athens 2022 in Athens
12.03.2022        FoodExpo Greece 2022 in Athens
02.04.2022        Beauty Greece Peania 2022 in Athens
07.04.2022        MedWood Europe 2022 in Athens
15.04.2022        INDELEX – Smart Home Expo 2022 in Athens
07.05.2022        School & Office 2022 in Athens
06.06.2022        Posidonia 2022 in Athens
12.11.2022        Meat Days 2022 in Athens
26.11.2022        Xenia 2022 in Athens

As of 2021 the population of Greece is about 11 (eleven) million and the growth rate in population is very low when you compare with the eastern countries. 98% of population is Greek and the others from other nations. 60% of people are living in Cities.  One of third population is living in Athens and its vicinity area.

The main cities are Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Patras, Heraklion, Tirhala, Serez, Yanya, Kırkira, Levkadas, Ahayas, Attiki, Iraklia and Kavala. The most crowded ethnic minority is Turkish and roughly 2% of population is Turkish. There are Bulgarians and Armenians as well.

The official language is GREEK. And 97% of people are Orthodox religion. The rest of almost are Muslims. Very small number of people are Catholic, Protestant and Jewish.


Economy in Greece

The main economy is based on agriculture. Almost one of third of territory is suitable for agricultural activities.  Most of the country are covered with mountains. That is why there are not big rivers, valleys and available lands for agriculture in the country. Despite all these negative situations, almost 31% of people are dealing with agriculture to lead their lives.

Lately the vegetable gardening and fruit growing are getting widen in the business field. Especially dried grape, lemon and orange are farmed to support the country economy. On the other side the animal husbandry is very weak and they are importing the meat from neighbor countries or European countries.

There is another main business field is fishing since it is an island which is covered on 3 sides. There are too many different species of fish in the sea.

One more thing is that Greece is a rich country with underground mining opportunities. They are mine hoisting bauxite, chrome, Whitestone, marble, iron, nickel, asbestos, magnesium, copper, lead, lignite, emery, Sulphur, aluminum and petrol. Despite that much mining opportunity in Greece, those are not giving a strong support to the country economy with its profits.

Greece has been in business relations with GermanyItalyFranceJaponLibyaUSAUK and other European countries.

There is a conflict between Greece and Turkey which is coming from the history. Actually, both countries’ people are getting along with each-others very well. But politicians are messing up the relations by expecting a value from the conflict. The distance between Athens and Istanbul is about 8 hours by car. There are millions of Turkish people are going to Greece as tourist and supporting the country with the tourism income.

As for the events and exhibitions in Greece, some stand construction companies are going to Athens or other cities for building up Stands. One of them is Expo Turco Stand Construction company, giving Stand construction services throughout Greece for international exhibitors with its local workers to achieve the most economical prices for the projects in that region.

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