Flora Expo Antalya is the solely Flower and Plant exhibition in Turkey.

The first edition was held in 2021 and the next one will be carried out 21-24 September 2022 at Anfas Antalya Expo Center.



Exhibitors & Visitors

There were more than hundred exhibitors at the first event last year from 23 countries. Unexpectedly there were several thousands of visitors from over twenty countries which are Germany, USA, UK, Italy, Netherland, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia, Kosovo, Northern Cyprus, Jordan, Oman, Azerbaijan, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrein and Algeria.



Visitors Sectors

  1. Landscape Gardening Companies
  2. Construction Companies, Contractors, Architects
  3. Business owners of hotel, motel, holiday places etc.
  4. Importing and exporting companies
  5. Landscaping architects and Agricultural Engineers
  6. City planners
  7. Universities
  8. Foreign investor companies
  9. Construction Stores & Wholesalers and WholeBuyers
  10. Public Institutions and Municipalities (Parks and Recreation Directorates)
  11. Associations, Unions & Cooperatives


Products Range

There are different products ranges which will be demonstrated during the event such as; Production Technologies and Greenhouse Systems, Tropical outdoor ornamental plants, Indoor ornamental plants, Cut Flowers, Landscape Application Materials.


Additionally for visitors, they will see hundreds of producers of many different varieties of Mediterranean plants, tropical plants, desert plants, outdoor ornamental plants, indoor ornamental plants, seasonal ornamental plants, cut flowers, aquatic plants, natural roll- on lawns and some many others.


The visitors shall have the chances to see and compare the latest decorative garden equipments, urban furniture, vertical gardening methods, ornamental pools, waterfalls, natural and artificial stones alongside with the equipment used in landscaping applications.


They will keep up with the date of new products and innovations,

Meeting with industry network with local and international flower industry leaders, conducting market research and industry analysis.

Basically, they will see the latest market trends at the first hand.

They will also have chances to seek out new business partnerships and secure great deals with suppliers by boosting their future trades. There will be some interactive conferences for visitors and exhibitors as well during the exhibition.



Exhibitors Profile

There will be exhibitor companies from many different countries at Flora Antalya Expo 2022.  Here are the list of sectors and fields which are related with the Flora exhibition in Antalya;

Outdoor Ornamental Plants, Indoor Ornamental Plants, Mediterranean, Ornamental Plants, Cut Flowers, Seasonal Ornamental Plants, Ornamental Pools / Swimming Pools, Potted Ornamental Plants, Natural Roll-on Lawn, Bulbs, Gardening Supplies and Accessories, Landscape Application Design, Tropical Plants, Florist Supplies, Firms of Digital Transformation in Production, Production Materials and Greenhouse Systems, Landscape Application Materials, Flower Seed, Grass Seed, Vertical Gardening, Desert Plants, Garden Furniture, Urban Furniture, Park Equipment, Municipal Equipment



The activities in Antalya for Tourism

Antalya is the most famous touristic city in Turkey, even in the world. This city is hosting millions of tourists from 190 countries every season of year.

That is why the visitors and exhibitor companies may enjoy the time while they are taking actions at Flora Antalya Exhibition. Because Antalya is a unique city for many culture and civilizations in the human history.

Antalya is nestling these below fields in its body ;

Cultural Tourism, Sea & Sand Tourism, Sport Tourism, Health Tourism, Winter Tourism, Gold Tourism, Congress Tourism, Tableland Tourism, Sportive Activities for Tourism Purposes, Mountain Hiking and Trekking Tourism, Cave Tourism, Camping & Caravan Tourism, Flora Researching, Hunting and Wild Life Tourism and Religious Tourism.

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