Growtech Antalya will be carried out during 23-26 November 2022 at ANFAS Antalya Expo Center. It is said that Growtech is the largest Exhibition in Greenhouse Industry in the world. It is a great opportunity for Turkey to hold such an exhibition in the sector. For the professionals of this sector, Growtech gives a big opportunity to source for products in many categories in Greenhouse and Irrigation fields.

Growtech has been increasing its value and size every passing year as an international meeting point for the global agriculture industry. Antalya is the main center of Turkish agricultural production and exporting fields.



The main fields of Growtech

Growtech is holding in its body the below fields ;

Greenhouse and its TechnologiesAgricultural Technologies and its equipmentIrrigation SytemsSeed GrowingSeedling CultivationPlant Protection and Plant NutritionBiological Control Sytems.

Growtech hosted “country pavilions” at the previous event from KoreaEgyptChinaSpainNetherland and several African countries. The event has increased its visitors numbers about 30% at the last exhibition.

During the event of 2022, Growtech will be taking a new action regarding “Hosted Buyer Program” with the support of West Mediterranean Exporters Union under the coordination of Turkish Ministry of Economy. This program will help for “face to face” meetings between Buyers and Decision Makers from local and international participants.


Safety Measures at Growtech

The exhibition is organized in accordance with the World Health Organization Health and Safety standards. It is highly provided the hygiene and safety measures for everyone with reassurance and confidence.


Visitors Profile for Growtech

It is expected the below sector profiles to be hosted at Growtech exhibition this year.

  1. All kind of farmers, manufacturers and dealers
  2. Purchasing managers of food manufacturers
  3. Investor companies from the other countries who want to enter into Turkish Agricultural Sector
  4. Greenhouse and Agricultural company owners
  5. Livestock Breeders
  6. Media representatives from TV, Internet and Magazines
  7. Potential buyers and investors in agriculture sector
  8. Purchasing and supplying managers at food chain stores in the world
  9. University lecturers and students from local and international schools
  10. Fruit and vegetable brokers
  11. NGOs and their representatives
  12. Agricultural organizations and chambers related with the agriculture sector

One of the main goals of Turkish Agriculture sector is to be among the first top 5 leader countries at Seed Sector in the world. It is targeted to reach up to 1,5 million tons of Certificated Seed until 2023 which is already very short time and Turkey has mostly achieved this goal as of today..

Stand Construction Services in Antalya region

Expo Turco Stand construction Services company has been giving services not only in Istanbul, but also throughout Turkey in every city of the country. Especially Antalya region is the most attractive area for congress and events. That is why we are locally going there and building up the standsbooths and stalls at any kind of exhibitioncongress or event in Antalya.

Antalya is an attractive location for tourismagriculture and any kind of business field for domestic and international companies. That is why there has been an increasing number of events in Antalya within the last decade. Expo Turco is giving a high standard services for international customers at the exhibitions and events.

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