Intersolar Munich 2022 Date and Venue

The largest and the leading exhibition in the world is Intersolar events which is organized in Germany, Munich for a long time. This year the exhibition will be organized between 11 and 13 May 2022 at Messe Munich (MÜNCHEN).


Exhibitors and Visitors for Intersolar Munich

Last year there were 450 exhibitor companies from 93 different countries with the 45.000m2 space and also 26.000 people visited the event. As for 2022 it is expected over 500 companies will take part at the show alongside with over 35.000 visitors.


Solar Industry in the World

The solar industry has been growing up steadily with a huge power in the world. The solar market power was 170 Billion USD in 2020. And it is expected to be over 190 Billion USD within the next 5 years in the world. Of course the solar sector has been effected by Covid- 19 within the last 2 year as everything is effected and the demand has decreased in the market.

In today’s world the cleanest and most plentiful renewable energy source is solar energy on our planet. The biggest solar companies are in China, Germany, Spain and America.

There are two main way to gain solar energy. The first one is Photovoltaic called as PV and the second one is CSP explained as Concentrated Solar Power. The above countries are strongly promoting solar as an alternative conventional energy sources which is positively contributing the market in the World.


The importance of Solar Energy

There was a Global Climate Change Summit in Glasgow between 31 October and 13 November 2021 which is totally related with the goals of Paris Agreement. The attended countries took a decision to limit the global temperature rise to 1,5 degrees and until 2040 all the machines, carts, etc. will give up using fuels in the world.

This decision is the most important part of the conference in Glasgow. Actually, the solar energy is the most low-cost renewable energy in the world now. that is why the supportive government policies are playing a Key Role in the renewable energy.


The largest Solar Companies in the World

Canadian Solar, Abengoa, Waare Group, Bright Source Energy, Tata Power Solar, First Solar, Trina Solar, Yingli Solar, Jinko Solar, Ja Solar, eSolar, Sunpower Corperation, Acciona Energy, Urja Global, Wuxi Suntech power, Nextera Energy Sources. Among these above companies, Canadian Solar Inc., First Solar, Yingli Solar and Trina Solar are the major players in the global market of solar industry.


Covid-19 Rules before entering GERMANY

The main rule of Vaccinations and traveling vaccinated.
Passengers presenting a valid international certificate of full vaccination against COVID-19 using an approved vaccine are exempt from pre-departure testing requirements. The final dose should have been done at least 14 days before departure. All vaccines approved by the World Health Organization are accepted.


Stand Construction Services & Contractors at Intersolar Munich 2022

There is no restriction for Stand Builder companies since they follow up the rules of Messe MunichExpo Turco is one of the local Stand Builder companies based in Koln region and giving Stand Construction Services to the Intersolar Exhibitors for their private stands.

Some of the stands we built before at the Intersolar Exhibition

Talesun - Solar Istanbul 2020 - Istanbul / Türkiye Stand Detail


Growat Firması Solarex Fuarı İstanbul Stand Detail

Growat Stand

Huawei Standı Solarex İstanbul Türkiye Stand Detail

Huawei Stand

HANWHA Q CELLS Firması Standı İstanbul Türkiye Solarex Fuarı Stand Detail

Han Wha Q Cells Stand

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