Our Difference From Others

Our Difference From Others

Although one of the most affected sectors in the Covid-19 period was the event sector, we did not take a break during this period. We thought a lot about how we can make our customers feel more happy, more make feel comfortable and valuable.

We would like to share with you the privileges we offer to all our customers;
1- Our special project management application for our customers. You can follow the projects you have given us instantly and up to date. The only thing you need is your internet connection. Also you can download the files you sent to us in the past and view, download your old projects whenever you want.
2- A special customer representative is appointed for you. Also you can contact your specially assigned customer representative 24/7.
3- Before start to setup your booth, we have covid-19 test for our staff who will work for your stand. After the installation is over, we leave hand sanitizer at your stand for you and your valuable visitors.
4- Our workshops and offices are disinfected in the every morning.
5- We set up a mini hand disinfectant stand with our customer’s own brands and designs, free of charge, for our customers who request them. (Only in Turkey)

You will feel more comfortable than ever before.

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