Solarex Istanbul Exhibition History

Turkey’s first and the largest sectorial exhibition in the region in Solar Energy industry.

It was founded in 2007 and the first Manager was Dr. ilhan Ozturk who organized the event for the first time in Turkey under the management of ihlas Fuarcılık A.Ş. company.

When & Where is the Solarex Istanbul 2022 Exhibition

This year, Solarex Istanbul 2022 will be carried out during 07-09 April 2022 at Istanbul Expo Center in 3 halls which are over 15.000 m2 space. There will be about 200 exhibitors and 90% of the exhibitors will be foreigners out of Turkey.

Solarex Industry Growing

Turkey is a country, in the region, receiving Sun Lights most of the other countries and giving a huge Solar Energy into Turkish economy and industry within last decade.  Solar industry has been getting strong increasingly alongside with Turkey’s growing economy and power in the world. Solarex Istanbul is a great chance for the country and foreign investors since the world is suffering too much from the air pollution all over the world.

Solar Energy Potential of Turkey

Turkey has a high solar energy potential due to its geographical location. According to the Turkey Solar Energy Potential Atlas (GEPA) prepared by our Ministry, the average annual total sunshine duration is 2741.07 hours and the average annual total radiation value is calculated as 1527.46 kWh/m2. The general potential outlook and monthly average global radiation distribution in GEPA are given below.

Roof and Facade Applied Solar Potential

According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), there are 9.1 million buildings in Turkey and approximately 87% of this amount is residential buildings. More than 100,000 new buildings are added to Turkey’s building stock every year. It is predicted that solar module systems can be installed on the roofs and facades of these buildings in the next 10 years at a total of 2,000 – 4,000 MW levels. Roof areas that can be evaluated in our country can be grouped as follows.

Which sectors are taking part at Solarex Exhibition

Photovoltaics Cells, modules, Inverters, measurement and control technologies, chargers, batteries, cables, connectors, connection boxes, solar tracking systems, mounting systems, installation apparatus, building integrated solutions (BIPV), “Stand Alone” systems, solar power plants, energy storage systems, consumer products assembled with sun, wafers, material and production equipment. Solar Heat Systems Absorbers, coatings, collectors, connection pieces, expansion tanks, degasifier, heat transfer fluids, measurement and control technologies, mounting systems, storage tanks, production technologies and equipment, ventilation, refrigeration, building integrated solutions, heat treatment, solar thermal power plants. Other Research and development, test institutes, sectoral press and other publishers, education, financing, organizations, foundations, consulters

Covid-19 Rules before entering TURKEY

In line with the decision of the official authorities; As of March 15, 2021, all travelers arriving in Turkey from abroad must fill out the form at “” within 72 hours before the flight. We kindly ask you to fill out the form before you arrive at the airport in order to avoid any disruptions at your travel.

Stand Construction Services for Exhibitors at SOLAREX ISTANBUL 2022

Expo Turco is, the local Architecture company, as the official Stand Constructor for international companies at Solarex 2022. Expo Turco is also giving Stand construction services at INTERSOLAR 2022 MUNICH event.

Some of the stands we built before at the Solarex Exhibition

Talesun - Solar Istanbul 2020 - Istanbul / TURKEY Stand Detail


JINKO /CHINA Stand Solarex ISTANBUL / TURKEY Stand Detail


HANWHA Q CELLS Company's Stand at SOLAREX 2018 ISTANBUL/TURKEY Stand Detail




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