Greece is a country which is consisting of islands and mountains located just in the west part of Turkey and in the south of European countries. The most famous islands are Crete, Euboea, Lesbos and Rhodes. The most famous mountain is Pindus Mountains which is located on the north part of the country. The highest […]

Heimtextil (Jan 2022), Frankfurt Germany

Heimtextil 2022 – Expo Turco Exhibition Stand Contractor Exhibition stand contractor Expo Turco provides service for the Heimtextil fair, which will take place on 11-14 January 2022. The company is a well-established and high-quality company that has a reputation in the field of stand design. Exhibition stand contractor Expo Turco continues to provide services to many parts of […]

POSTPONEMENT – IDEF 21 15th International Defence Industry Fair Postponed!

IDEF 2021 Has Been Postponed! IDEF 2021 has been postponed with a decision taken at the last minute. IDEF, one of the most important fair events held in Turkey, was an event to take place between 25 – 28 May 2021. IDEF, the International Defense Industry Fair, decided to postpone it only a few months later due […]

Exhibitions and Events & Covid-19

Exhibitions and Events & Covid-19 We know that 2020 has been a tough year for many companies around the world, and as a result marketing budgets have unfortunately been significantly impacted across businesses of all sizes. Especially Exhibition and Event sectors have been affected too much by the global pandemic.

Exhibitions and Trades in Japan

Exhibitions and Trades in Japan Japan Management Association has carried out a new event called as 12th Kansai Hotel & Restaurant Show. It was between 29 – 31 July 2020 at INTEX Osaka event center. Actually this event was the first organization with a large scale of B2B Trade Fairs since Japan lifted its national state […]

Exhibitions and Congress in Italy

Exhibitions and Congress in Italy The Bolzano Region Management allowed the Exhibitions and Congresses to run again on 12 June 2020. The Tuscany region (Florence area) opened on 13 June 2020. Rimini and Bologna opened the congresses 15 June 2020. The Lazio region (incorporating Rome) has allowed the fairs and congresses as of June 15, […]

Exhibitions and Events in Italy

Exhibitions and Events in Italy Italy is one of the major exhibition markets in European Union. The national government has made a decision to allow the regions to set their respective opening dates to open again its exhibitions and business events sector.


COVID-19 UPDATE There has been a global pandemic which is called as Covid-19 since December 2019. As all companies and foundations are taking precautions and re-arranging their working hours and working style at their offices and factories, Expo Turco Stand Construction Services company has also made the essential changes in its daily life. The working […]

Stand (booth & stall) Construction Services in Turkey

Stand (booth & stall) Construction Services in Turkey There are more than 300 different companies in Exhibition and Event Sectors in Turkey. We are one of the leading local stand companies among the first top-ten according to the company size and experiences.

IFES MEMBERS at Exhibition Sector

IFES MEMBERS at Exhibition Sector We have been cooperating with the IFES members for over 15 years in Exhibition sector. Most of the distinguished Booth Construction companies are becoming the member of IFES (International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services).